SIS (Supervised injection service)

The supervised injection service (SIS) is a place where IV drug users can come to inject in a safe, hygienic and perfectly legal setting.

The SIS significantly reduces the harm associated with IV drug use reuse of material, skin infections, and overdoses.

I like walking down Sainte-Catherine Street and seeing the completed tree squares. I’m so proud!

For me, Dopallies is a collection of relevant topics that help people on the street or drug users to deal with various issues that affect them.

It is a meeting point and exchange point that breaks my isolation. It’s warm, welcoming, helpful, and supporting me in my efforts. A privileged moment that I appreciate due to its discretion and effectiveness.

For me, these are workshops on topics that concern us and directly affect us, as well as individual experiences that enrich us.


I like when people from the neighbourhood come to us to talk to us, it shatters taboos and people do not judge us.

I feel useful in my neighbourhood and Sainte-Catherine Street keeps looking prettier and prettier thanks to us.

The Green Squad helps me keep my mind off using.

Thank you for allowing us to do the Green Squad for many more years – we really care about it.

Dopamine allows me to meet people and break my isolation.

It was my first time volunteering with the Green Squad Green Brigade – I liked it so much that I want to do it again and again.

A source of information that is sometimes very useful in my daily life, an occasion to foster links with certain people, sharing without being judged… and I find it very informative.


I take part in Dopallies because it is a useful service for learning that has helped me to successfully change my behaviours. My way of talking with peers helps me stay focused on how to act safely. Prevention is important to me. Thank you.


It allows me to resocialize and decompress as I have a tendency to isolate myself.



Do your part to improve our community’s quality of life! Contribute today!



Do your part to improve our community’s quality of life! Contribute today!